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What's the Deal with Compatible Cartridges Not Working?

When using compatible ink cartridges, you might sometimes encounter an issue where they are not recognized by your printer. If this has been causing you frustration, let's work through the problem together and find a solution!


Matching Model Numbers

Issue: Your cartridge doesn't fit the printer.

Fix: Ensure the cartridge model corresponds exactly to the one recommended for your printe. For details, you can refer to: Which Ink Cartridge Is Compatible for Your Printer? Find Out Now!


Firmware Compatibility


Issue: Printer manufacturers periodically update printer firmware to counteract third-party cartridges, resulting in compatibility issues with non-OEM ink.

Fix: First, disable the automatic firmware update feature on your printer. If you have already updated the firmware, seek assistance from the professional Kamo customer service team


Chip Errors


Issue: The printer is not detecting the cartridge chip.

Fix: Gently clean the chip with a lint-free cloth. If the issue persists, the cartridge might need to be replaced.


Printer Health Check

Often, the problem might just be the printer needing a little upkeep. Regular maintenance like a simple printhead cleaning can stop lots of typical issues in their tracks — this is key if you're not printing often or your printer sits idle for a while.


 *NOTE:If you're looking for more information on maintaining your printer, feel free to click here: Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Guide: Expertise from Kamo Cartridge Specialists


Quality Concerns

Issue: The cartridge might be defective.

Fix: Due to the possibility of cartridge chips being damaged during transit, some cartridges may malfunction. In such cases, rest assured that you can contact Kamo customer service for assistance.


Originals Aren't Flawless

Remember, genuine cartridges can falter too. Therefore, it's completely normal for cartridge issues to arise, with many factors potentially causing them. But there's no need for excessive worry—most problems can be resolved through troubleshooting, and with Kamo's exceptional customer service, you're in good hands!

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