Female power, wisdom impression

Female power, wisdom impression

On the occasion of this vibrant International Women's Day, Kamo website has launched a Women's Day discount event to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world. We believe that every woman has unique strengths and potential to shine in their respective fields. Therefore, we have launched a special campaign with the theme of "Female Power, Wisdom Impression", aiming to pay tribute to all women through special offers.


Special Shopping Festival

During the event, all customers can enjoy discounts on any product purchased on our website, with a maximum discount of 45%. Whether it's ink cartridges, toner cartridges, photo paper, sublimation, photo printers and more, we have all your printing needs covered. Our products are carefully selected for the highest quality and are guaranteed to take your printing experience to the next level.


"Thank Her" campaign

Express gratitude and respect to the important women in your life (e.g. mother, wife, etc.). Make some surprise gifts out of paper.

Gift idea inspiration:

  1. Origami bouquet:Use colored paper to fold a bouquet of flowers, each flower represents a piece of gratitude to her.
  2. Handmade greeting card: Make a personalized greeting card with words of gratitude and best wishes for her in it.
  3. Paper photo album:Collect some common memory photos and make a small paper photo album to make the memories more warm.
  4. Bookmark:Make a unique bookmark for her who loves to read. You can draw a special pattern or write words of encouragement on it.
  5. Music wall: After printing the music pictures with memories, install the NFC chip to make a music wall, so you can listen to the memories at any time.



Through Women's Day activities, we hope to inspire people's creativity while conveying respect and gratitude for women. Let's work together to make a special gift to surprise the women in our lives and let them feel the warmth and love of this world. Click our homepage and start your creative journey now!

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