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What is a Printer Firmware Update and How Do You Deal With It?

What is a Printer Firmware Update and How Do You Deal With It?


If you are reading this article, you are probably confused about HP printer firmware updates. As a printer owner, you're probably aware of firmware updates and the consequences they can have (especially if you use compatible ink cartridges). This article will try to help you solve the problem. So off we go!


What is a Printer Firmware Update

Firmware updates are software related to printer functionality. The printer industry regularly releases new versions of printer firmware to fix bugs, enhance functionality, or update applications. However, most HP printer firmware updates do not bring substantial improvements to the functionality of the printer. But printer manufacturers are keen to release new firmware versions every once in a while. Why? One of the most important reasons is that printer firmware updates block non-HP ink cartridges, forcing users to buy expensive original HP ink cartridges. Error messages such as "Non-HP chip detected" and "Provisioning memory error" are caused by printer firmware updates. But the good news is that Kamo's cartridge chips for these models are now compatible with the latest firmware version.


How does a firmware update stop compatible cartridges

Your printer and ink cartridges need to communicate with each other to be recognized and print properly. When a printer manufacturer pushes out a firmware update that doesn't match a specific set of compatible cartridges, the line of communication is lost. The new printer firmware cannot communicate with the cartridges and the printer stops working. When this happens, most consumers will see a "Cartridge Problem" message on their display, which means their printer has stopped recognizing compatible cartridges.


How to prevent firmware updates from blocking compatible cartridges

So should we update our printer firmware? Our advice is NO! This blog will teach you how to turn off HP printer firmware update step by step.

  1. By quickly changing printer settings, you can print with compatible ink cartridges at any time. This is the best way to prevent a firmware update from stopping your printer, and this works for almost all popular printer brands! All you have to do is turn off automatic printer updates. This will help your printer run smoothly with any compatible ink cartridge.
  2. Purchase compatible cartridges with the latest chip version. At Kamo, we strictly focus on new printer firmware updates to provide you with the latest version of the chip.Any Kamo customers affected by the update will be sent free new cartridges as they become available.
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