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New life for photo paper: the combination of music wall and NFC

New life for photo paper: the combination of music wall and NFC

In the digital age, our lives are surrounded by various high-tech products, from smartphones to smart homes, technology has brought convenience to our lives. However, in this fast-paced world, sometimes we also long for a return to simplicity and tradition. Photo paper, an item that seems to have been forgotten by the times, is returning to our lives in an innovative way - the combination of music and NFC technology has opened a new door for us, allowing us to experience music and memories in a new way.

Imagine that the walls of your room are filled with photos that represent important moments in your life. These aren't just static images, each photo paper hides a little secret: an NFC chip that allows your phone to automatically play a song associated with the photo when you're near it. It's not just a wall, it's a living wall of musical memories that can be touched and felt.


How to achieve?

Choose photos and songs: First, choose photos from your photo album that mean something to you. Then, for each photo, choose a song that represents that moment.


Print on photo paper: Transfer the images onto premium photo paper utilizing top-grade photo paper and superior ink, and select the high-quality printing setting to achieve exceptional photo prints.


Attach NFC chip: Attach a small NFC chip to the back of the photo paper.


Prepare the photo frame: Put the photo paper into the photo frame and hang it on the wall.


Set up the phone: Set up the NFC reading function on the phone so that it can recognize the NFC chip on the back of the photo paper and play the corresponding song.


For detailed operation procedures, please see the Kamo website.


The fusion of music and memory

This use of photographic paper not only allows us to enjoy music in novel ways, but also makes our memories more vivid. Whenever we get close to these photos, the song of that moment plays on our phone, and it’s like we’re transported back in time and we’re immersed in that moment all over again. This is a brand new sensory experience that closely connects memory and music, giving us unlimited space for imagination.


In conclusion

In this digital world, the combination of photo paper and NFC technology reminds us that technology can not only be used to improve efficiency and convenience, but also to enhance our life experience and make our memories richer and more vivid. Let us embrace this innovation, use photo paper to record life, use music to awaken memories, and create our own music memory wall.

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