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❤️ 10% Off Over €30, 20% Off Over €60 & Free Shipping Over €39,99. Shop Now >>

No Loss of Device Warranty with Cost-Effective Compatible Cartridges

Compatible cartridges are an economical alternative to original cartridges, matching them in quality and durability. Yet, many users are hesitant to switch due to concerns about voiding their printer's warranty.

Our Assurance with “No Loss of Device Warranty”

We guarantee that using our printer cartridges under the "No Loss of Device Warranty" policy ensures your printer's manufacturer warranty and statutory rights remain unaffected.

Understanding 'No Loss of Device Warranty'

Despite manufacturers often recommending OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges, switching to compatible or third-party cartridges doesn’t automatically void your warranty. The only exception arises if such cartridges are proven to damage the printer, in which case the repair costs might not be covered under the warranty. Notably, the manufacturer bears the burden of proof in these instances.

This rule applies globally across various products, including printer inks. In the EU, consumer protection laws safeguard your rights, allowing the use of third-party parts without voiding warranties, provided they do not cause damage.

Our Commitment to Quality and Assurance

Kamo cartridges use high-quality dye ink, typically free from leakage and other issues. Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS). To bolster your confidence, we offer up to 50 compensation for repairs for following issues:

If a leakage occurs, just provide an image of the leaking Kamo cartridge, and we will promptly compensate for the repair.

In the rare event of a printer or print head failure due to non-original cartridges, standard service charges by the manufacturer apply. For coverage, you can submit your repair bill along with a pre-change image proving the use of original ink cartridges before switching to Kamo.

Choose Kamo for reliable, vibrant printing without compromising on your printer’s warranty or performance.